Business Degree Articles and Advice

Business Degree Articles and Advice

Whether you’re searching for a career that can survive recessions, or you’re simply bolstering your skills in leadership, business is a field that needs constant education. Discover useful articles on getting an MBA online, finding the right business school and more.

Business Degree Articles

4 Tips for Getting an Online MBA Degree

An online MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) is an advanced degree that you can earn by attending e-learning courses online. Many universities offer MBAs in traditional classrooms as well as in online courses or in hybrid combinations of both.

Business School Online for Film Buffs

You’ve seen Wall Street more times than anyone reasonably should, and you daydream of wearing power ties, brokering deals and flitting from meeting to meeting with barely enough time for a cup of coffee. If these descriptions fit you, it sounds like you’re ready for business school.

Online Degrees for Recession-Proof Jobs

With a struggling economy, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you have a “recession proof” job? No single employment opportunity exists that is truly impossible to lose, but certain professions offer a greater hope of longevity even during lean times.

Business Career Articles

What are Possible Careers for a Finance Graduate?

So you’re looking at earning a degree in finance, but are wondering what kind of jobs await you upon graduation. The truth is, there are many options available. Just because you earn a degree in finance, doesn’t always mean you end up crunching numbers for an organization.

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