8 Hot Information Technology (IT) Jobs

8 Hot Information Technology (IT) Jobs

The most important product in today’s world is not the automobile or the refrigerator, it is INFORMATION. That makes Information Technology (IT) one of the fastest growing and most stable job markets out there. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will keep growing steadily at least through the year 2014, in spite of any downturns in other parts of the economy.

Information Technology is a profession that includes every aspect of the computer world. If you think about it, a computer is just a big box of wires. It takes humans — humans with training and knowledge — to make it work. The most exciting thing about the field is the fact that the training is readily available. People from a wide variety of backgrounds have entered IT and gotten really good jobs in a very short time.

    1. Computer Systems Analyst The systems analyst is possibly the most important technology person in a company. He or she looks at the technology needs of the company and plans how those needs can be met in the most efficient and economical way. The analyst finds out about future developments and makes sure the company is ready to take advantage of them. Government figures show a salary range of around $103,000 per year for Computer Systems Analysts.

  1. Information Technology Manager The manager is not always the one who knows the most about a company’s technology. He or she knows a lot, but the most important skill is directing the engineers, programmers, and others who do the work. Having a good manager leading the projects makes a company’s technology much more valuable. Managers earn salaries that often start above $80,000 a year.
  2. Computer Support Specialists These experts work with people both inside and outside a company. They help set up computer networks and individual workstations for a company’s employees and help solve outside problems for a company’s customers. Very often, it is the Computer Support person who is the face of the company when a customer calls for help. Support specialists’ salaries range from $60,000 to $90,000.
  3. Network Administrators Companies rely on networks for most of their communication. A network can connect a computer on an employee’s desk to a printer down the hall, or a local computer to another workstation across town or across the country. The network handles e-mail, customer purchases, and almost every part of a company’s workflow. Network Administrators range from $70,000 to $100,000 a year.
  4. Computer Programmer Programmers tell the computer what to do. Even the most sophisticated computer is almost useless without the coded instructions that make it operate. These instructions are called programs. A beginning programmer may start around $60,000 a year, but it’s not unusual to see salaries of well over $100,000 for experienced programmers.
  5. Computer Software Engineers Software is the code that allows humans and computers to work together. Software engineers are part programmer, part designer, and part creative thinker. They figure out what computer users need and they construct it. For example, word-processing applications were dreamed up, designed, and created by Computer Software Engineers. The median salary range for Computer Software Engineers is around $96,000.
  6. Quality Assurance Engineers No matter how carefully the other engineers do their work, there are always “bugs” to be found. Everything that goes out to face the public must be thoroughly tested. If you like taking things apart and finding out how they work, or why they don’t work, this is the job for you. QA salaries can range upwards of $65,000.
  7. Technical Writers If you like to write and you like technology, this is your field. The Tech Writer creates the user manuals, specifications, and even some of the internal design documents that are all so important in the Information Technology industry. Technical Documentation Experts (another name for Technical Writers) can earn from $65,000 to $100,000 a year.

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