Check Financial Aid Opportunities

Check Financial Aid Opportunities199x300Before you go any further, be sure to research all potential sources of financial aid. FAFSA is the most well known and most frequently used by college students. The U.S. Department of Education hands out over $100 billion in grants, work-study and federal loans to qualified students attending college each year. Whether it be community college, four-year college, trade school or career school, everyone has a chance to receive financial assistance.

Research Available Schools

Once you have made your list of essentials, it is important to research each school to see which ones match your criteria. It is also important to check all available reviews on each school. Here are some questions you should look to answer:

Research Available Schools

  • Does the school have favorable reviews in categories that are important to you?
  • Did students enjoy their experience while attending this school, and if not, what were their reasons?
  • How successful have alumni been after graduation?
  • Did alumni feel that they were prepared properly for their future career goals?
  • Was/Is there strong communication between students and faculty?

A Growing Trend:

A Growing Trend

According to the report “The Digital Revolution and Higher Education” by Pew Internet, “more than three-quarters of the nation’s colleges and universities now offer online classes”. Also mentioned in the report was that “one-in-four college graduates have taken a course online”.

Get Matched With Schools