Speak with School Representatives

Speak with School Representatives190x300After you have finished your research and examined all of your possible options, it is time to speak with a school representative or advisor. This is the time to ask in-depth questions about academic programs, graduation rates, and the enrollment process. Below are some important questions you should have answered:

Why should I enroll in your school?

This is a very straightforward question to ask an advisor, but remember that you are the one who will be sacrificing your time and money and you need to be able to trust the school. Here are some good answers that you should be looking for from the advisor:


Why should I enroll in your school

  • Strong academic reputation
  • Broad alumni base
  • High graduation rates
  • High career placement
  • Plenty of financial aid opportunities
  • Low cost of attendance
  • Faculty committed to your success

What programs do you offer in my area of study?

What programs do you offer in my area of study

If you are looking to start a career in a specific field, it is a good idea to understand what specific programs are offered by the school. This will help you figure out whether there are more specific programs tailored to what you want to do after graduation.

How long are the courses? When do they start?

This is another important aspect of deciding on which school to enroll in. Some schools may only offer courses for your major at specific times during the day or perhaps even at night. Scheduling could be an issue for you, especially if you are working a full time career or have other obligations. Make sure that the school offers courses for your major at times that are convenient for you. Also, check to see how long certain courses run for and when they start and end during the semester.

What financial opportunities does this school itself offer me?

This is an important question to ask, as many students who enroll in college are unaware of the scholarships and other types of financial assistance that are available to them. You are not guaranteed a scholarship, but it is never a bad idea to apply for them. Some may require you to write an essay, while others will not. Just be sure to check out all the options available to you.

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