Criminal Justice Degree Articles and Advice

Criminal justice is truly a major pillar in any democratic society and becoming a part of the system is laudable. Discover articles on salaries within the criminal justice system, bounty hunting, and what the resumes of police TV show s would look like.

Criminal Justice Career Articles

Bounty Hunters: Captured on Film

Since there are few training courses for this job, much of a bounty hunter’s knowledge comes from on-the-job training, working with an experienced mentor and earning a degree in criminal justice or related field.

Does Crime Pay? And…How Much?

Criminal justice is the system of law enforcement, legislation, practices and organizations used by the government to control crime and uphold civilian laws. So how much can you earn confronting criminals and keeping the country safe one city at a time? Find out the answer as we explore the job profiles of those who get paid to fight crime.

The Educational Background of TV Heroes

Learn what it takes to be like TVs most popular heroes

Profile of a CSI

What does it take to be a real-life hero-to follow in the footsteps of our television role models? Let’s unravel and reconstruct the rsums of a few of TV’s most popular heroes.

Recession-Proof Career: Police Officer

During an economic downturn many industries experience downsizing and lay-offs, but as public safety is a constant concern, police officers are always in demand – and that makes a “police officer” a member of a recession-proof career.

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