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Education is one field that directly impacts the next generation of leaders and citizens. Discover articles on how to teach at various levels, what to expect from an education career salary-wise, and how to find a teaching career such as you see in movies.

Education Career Articles

Top 5 Writing Careers: Will You Land One?

Have you always wanted to become a writer? Perhaps your high school English teacher told you that your writing showed “real promise,” or maybe you recently considered the profession after your boss praised your written reports. Whatever made you think about writing for a living, you have chosen well: A writing career offers a wide range of possibilities for success.

How to Become a Preschool Teacher

Teaching preschool is a whole lot more than babysitting. Preschool teachers play a vital role in the development of children-they capitalize on children’s play to stimulate language and vocabulary development, improve social skills and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts.

Are Today’s Teachers Underpaid?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that salaries for qualified teachers in urban schools is on the rise. In addition to a large increase in education funding at the federal level (in particular for teachers in lower-income urban areas), some states have started programs to improve early childhood education.

Want a Teaching Career Like in the Movies?

Every day teachers touch and change lives, inspiring students to study harder, aim higher and achieve more. Although being a teacher isn’t exactly like what you see in the movies, if the big screen inspires you to enter the profession, you can start building your teaching career online today.

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