Infrastructure Projects Lead to More Jobs

With the stimulus package financing some of the necessary infrastructure projects and with states pushing for more funding to finance larger projects such as California’s high-speed rail, the opportunities for new jobs increases.

Which begs the question: are you preparing to take advantage of the multitude of jobs that these infrastructure projects could produce? Do you have the necessary education to secure such a position?

Infrastructure projects generate a wide variety of jobs. Take a look at some of the necessary positions:


Projects such as the California high-speed rail and tunnels in major cities across the nation, such as Seattle and Miami, require various types of engineers. Engineering is a fast growing profession with an expected 18-22% growth rate over the next decade.

As the government provides more funding for infrastructure improvements, the need for engineers will only escalate. An engineering degree could be immeasurably valuable for many infrastructure projects. Some examples:

  • The plan to extend the metro rail through Northern Virginia, a $900 million project should provide a multitude of jobs through 2015.
  • Hydrologists and hydrological engineers become essential with major waterworks projects such as the California drinking water project.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control, another area that specialists agree need a major overhaul, offers excellent opportunities for both aviation and computer professionals.

The Federal Aviation Administration seeks to move to NextGen technology which involves satellite navigation rather than radar-based systems. This project is massive in both scope and time, costing upwards of $20 million. Working toward an appropriate degree now could allow you the opportunity to play a role in this venture.

Gulf Coast Jobs

Recovering from devastating hurricanes and the recent oil spill, the Gulf Coast region is also an area of significant public works projects. Ports need to be revived and ecological safeguards established. Roads and buildings need substantial work. A degree as a general contractor would be very handy for acquiring work in this region as these projects are evaluated and possibly financed by the government.

While all of the public works projects will require time for planning, funding and implementing, this allows you the opportunity to earn an advanced degree or acquire a new degree that could open new doors to success.

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