Never Work a Day in Your Life…

By Celeste Stewart

As you punch the time clock and toil through yet another eight-hour shift, you dream of never working a day in your life. The dream could remain a dream, or you could look at work in a different way. When your career fits your passion, you’re no longer a slave to the time clock, and the days become your own again. Actually, it feels amazing to get paid for doing something you love.

Finding the right career isn’t a matter of coincidence or luck; it takes soul searching. Reading career profiles or meeting with career counselors can be helpful, but no one knows you better than you. Before you explore careers, think about your passions. What do you love? What’s the perfect way to spend a day?

For example:


Do you look forward to a day wandering the farmer’s market in search of the freshest seasonal produce and then creating a culinary masterpiece with your findings? Turn your love of cooking into a career. While becoming a chef may be a natural choice, other professions that could fuel your passion include: caterer, grocer, organic farmer, restaurateur or commercial kitchen manager.


Does your perfect day involve hiking and viewing wildlife? A career as a park ranger or game warden may be an excellent fit. Other professions that might love include: wildlife biologist, geologist or conservationist.


Are you an avid blogger or a social networking butterfly? Today’s computer careers include everything from super-technical occupations such as software engineer to creative occupations such as content writer, search engine marketer, social media professional, graphic artist and video producer.

Home improvement

Do you enjoy tearing out the kitchen cabinets or re-wallpapering a room? If you’re inspired by your own home improvement projects, imagine a career in residential design. Careers to consider include: interior designer, kitchen designer, general contractor and residential planner.


Are you the one who initiates recycling and conservation programs at work, home or school? Imagine taking your love for the environment to the next level by choosing a green career. Some green occupations that could take the “work” out of work include: environmental engineer, urban planner, environmental scientist, energy auditor, landscape architect and chief sustainability officer.


Do you look forward to each new John Grisham novel or a good police drama on TV? If you’re passionate about seeing justice carried out, a criminal justice career could be the one that has you leaping out of bed each day, amazed that someone is paying you to follow your dreams. Occupations in the criminal justice field include: police officer, homicide detective, lawyer, judge, parole officer, gang intervention specialist and juvenile case worker.

These are but a few possibilities. No matter what inspires you, it could lead to a career you’re truly passionate about. If it does, you’ll never “work” again. Good luck!

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