Psychology Degrees: Your Online Degree Options

The study of psychology enhances your understanding of, and your facility for, interpersonal relations. It examines motivations and personal and group dynamics, the effects of trauma and mental illness, and the various tools and strategies available for helping people adjust to their social surroundings. These are all skills that are essential for working in counseling or mental health fields, but they are also immensely valuable in any position that puts you in contact with groups of individuals working toward a common goal. A degree in psychology has lasting value in areas far beyond the therapist’s office.

Taking Your Psychology Degree to Market

Human resources. Advertising. Education. Criminal Justice. A psychology degree can be of great value in many fields. Prospective employers can take advantage of the highly polished “people skills” that an education in psychology provides. In addition, the rigors of research, testing and analysis, which are part of the coursework in a psychology major, translate seamlessly to occupations in healthcare, market research, teaching and more.

A Wide Range of Choices

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, doctorates, and a wide variety of specializations and emphases provide a particularly rich selection for students interested in studying psychology.

Bachelor’s degrees:

A Bachelor in Health Care Studies-Psychology readies the recipient for careers in mental health and social services, and provides a grounding in psychology fundamentals.

Master’s degrees:

A Master of Arts in Psychology can take students in many directions, with specializations in business psychology and career management, mediation and conflict resolution, sports and performance psychology and many more.

A Master in Forensic Psychology, Master in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, or Master in Counseling Psychology could take students into specific industries or more general practice areas.

PhD. degrees:

A Doctor of Psychology can specialize in areas as diverse as executive coaching, non-profit management, criminology and justice studies, health and wellness studies and many more.

A PhD. in Human Services-Counseling Studies could take its recipient into education, workplace counseling, private psychology practice and more.

A Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology may open doors to academic positions in post-secondary education.

Psychology is a rich and growing field of study, with practical applications that span many industries and occupations. A degree in psychology opens the door to a wide array of options, and could lead to a rewarding and successful career.

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