How Getting Your Degree Online Can Make Your Life Less Chaotic

By Celeste Stewart

Imagine starting your day with a cup of tea and a deep stretch. Soon you’re absorbing the knowledge of instructors, pondering new concepts and working out intellectual challenges. As the day progresses, an inner calm that comes from simple living settles in.

No, you’re not at a spiritual retreat – you’re an online college student, and you discovered the Zen of an online education.

Can Studying Online Cut Out the Chaos of Daily Living?

Sure, especially if you consider the alternatives. Take working adults who want to go back to school, for example. They work a full day and then drive to night class, spending hours and hours away from home. Some can’t manage work and school, so they end up choosing one or the other. Add rush hour traffic, parking lots located far from class, overcrowded classrooms and lecture halls to the mix. Enough said.

An online degree program allows for a more Zen-like learning experience. You don’t have to perch your laptop on your knees while sitting in the lotus position, but you can conquer the chaos and channel your energy by saving time in the commute and classroom. This simple decision can free you from much of the stress related to traditional degree programs, allowing you to focus on learning.

Relax with an Online Degree

Below are a few of the more calming benefits of studying online:

  • Flexible schedule – What if you have a class scheduled on Wednesday nights but must attend mandatory staff meetings on the first Wednesday of each month? With a traditional class, you’d have to make a choice between class and work. An online class gives you the flexibility to participate at a time that works best for you.
  • More free time – In addition to flexibility, online classes are less demanding. You simply log in and begin. Don’t skip dinner and miss precious time with your family when you can plan your studies around personal priorities.
  • Less rushing around – Instead of fighting traffic, finding a parking space and dashing across campus to get to class on time, take a breather. With an online class, you can simply sign in and begin learning.

Flexibility and time advantages eliminate the stress and chaos typically associated with getting a degree. In their absence, an inner calm arrives. Use this to focus on the moment and your online studies. Can you feel the Zen?

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