Which of the fastest growing business careers would you choose?

By Beth Hempton

Considering a business career? Check out the business jobs that are expected to grow the fastest through 2018, according to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Directing your career path toward a fast growing business opportunity could provide you more stability and job security in the future.

Rates of growth, education levels and median incomes for the following business careers are based on BLS predictions through the year 2018. Most of these professions are labeled as “Bright Outlook” by the Department of Labor concerning future employment opportunities. These business careers are listed according to the rate of growth. Incomes vary with education levels and experience.


With millions of people expected to retire over the next decade, personal finance advisers are predicted to be in greater demand.

  • Growth Rate – At 30%, this career is projected to experience a much faster growth rate than other careers.
  • Education – A bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, finance, accounting or economics can prepare you for this field.
  • Income – You could earn a median annual salary of over $69,000.


Anticipated growth in this business career is due to industries and government agencies becoming increasingly dependent on experts or consultants for improvement and expansion advice.

  • Growth Rate – This business job has an expected growth rate of 24%.
  • Education – Management analysts typically hold a master’s of business administration or MBA.
  • Income – The median annual salary for this business professional is over $73,000 with the highest salaries being earned by consulting in the technology and computer industries.


With increased competition of businesses around the globe, PR specialists should be in greater demand. Bilingual candidates with an understanding of international business will be the most competitive in this business job market.

  • Growth Rate – Anticipate a 24% growth rate for this business profession.
  • Education – A bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, journalism or communications could open this career door for you.
  • Income – PR specialists can expect to earn a median annual salary of over $51,000.


Legislation that specifically defines human resources and training standards increases the need for training specialists within various business industries.

  • Growth Rate – This business job is expected to grow by 24%.
  • Education – A bachelor’s degree is minimally required for this business profession. Candidates with certification may find greater job opportunities.
  • Income – A training specialist earns a median annual salary of over $51,000.


An increase in the number of businesses, stricter laws and regulations along with a stronger desire for accountability point to an increase in this business job opportunity.

  • Growth Rate – This business career has an anticipated growth rate of 22%.
  • Education – A bachelor’s degree in accounting is typically required for this business job. A graduate degree may be required by some employers.
  • Income – Accountants and auditors earn an annual median salary around $60,000.

Several other business professions have an expected job growth rate of 20-21% including actuaries, financial analysts and logisticians. With so many business job prospects expected to grow faster than average, your only decision is which degree can get you in the business career of a lifetime!

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