Accessory Design Degree

You dream about designing accessories that dazzle, like jewelry, hats, shoes, shades, belts and handbags. One of your specialties is finding the next “must have” item before the trend begins. If this sounds like you, we found an area of study you just might love.

Do you have a flare for fashion and design? If so, consider fine tuning your talents with a degree program in accessory design. Not only can you learn to perfect your craft, but you can also experiment with bringing your most dazzling ideas to life!

Accessory Design Degrees

Beginning with art and general study courses, students build a foundation important to fashion accessory basics – color theory and design. From there learn how it all comes together with classes in sewing, materials and more. Preparing for a design career requires talent, but it also requires the right kind of training.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the classes included in an accessory design degree:

  • Fashion Trends
  • Jewelry Design
  • Footwear Design and Construction
  • Fashion Illustration for Belt, Hats and Handbags
  • Collection Class

Preparing to Work in Accessory Design

Earning a degree in accessory design prepares you for entry-level work in design, merchandising, fashion and more. It can also help take your current position to the next level with an advanced knowledge of designing different types of accessories. Gain multiple pieces for your portfolio and hone a skill you feel passionate about, all while adding a strong dose of credibility to your professional resume.

Remember: Clothes may make the man or woman, but accessories make the outfit. It’s time to take your talents to the next level. Watch out world!

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