Applied Arts and Design

While more than two-thirds of all artists are self-employed, a degree is often a requirement for professional work in the corporate, advertising and academic realms. Earning an online degree in arts and design can help give you the professional advantage.

Combining artistic talent with education can create a masterpiece career. Whether art is a hobby of full-time passion, earning a degree online in arts and design is a great way to grow your skill set, enhance your portfolio and advance your career options.

Applied Arts & Design Degrees

Earning an online degree in arts and design can help prepare you for some of the careers in applied arts and design below.

  • Fashion Designer

    Fashion designers specialize in designing and constructing clothing, haute couture and other garments. They must master pattern making, sewing, surface texture and design, color schemes and tailoring while remaining sensitive to the desires of potential retail buyers and the practicality of their garments.

  • Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers — also called graphic artists — span the gap between art and technology by creating visual communication in a number of career fields.

  • Interior Designer

    Interior designers decorate commercial or residential spaces to make them attractive or attractive and functional. They must consider the psychology of color, fabric and layout along with the architecture and the functional and construction requirements of an environment.

  • Design Consultant

    Design consultants oversee the renovation or remodeling of an indoor space. Consultants often specialize in commercial or residential interior design, focusing on both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the space. They advise clients on color, furniture, artwork, lighting, and texture, combining design elements to meet the client’s criteria.

  • Visual Merchandising

    Ever passed by a window display at a department store and felt the need to comment on the beautiful display? Or have you noticed the way you feel more enticed to buy a new pair of shoes from a store with a creative display? This is all the influence of visual merchandising.

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