Art of Cooking

Do you enjoy experimenting with new ingredients? Are you passionate about cooking and presenting food? If so, consider taking your culinary talents to a higher level with a cooking degree. Not only will learn the fine art of cooking, you’ll also experiment with exotic ingredients and express yourself through food.

Art of Cooking Degree

Beginning with baking and cooking classes and general study courses, students build a foundation important to those in the culinary arts. From there, learn how it all comes together with classes covering regional cuisines, classical techniques and restaurant management. Preparing for a cooking career takes more than just a love of food and knifing skills; it takes the right kind of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in an art of cooking degree program:

  • Introduction to Baking
  • Sanitation and Food Safety
  • American Regional Cuisine
  • Latin Cuisine
  • Garde Manger (“cold kitchen”)

Preparing to Work in the Cooking Arts

Earning an art of cooking degree prepares you for entry-level work, such as prep cook, line cook or short-order cook in the food service industry. It can also help you advance in your current position as you demonstrate your new cooking knowledge and skills. Harness your passion for cooking into a rewarding culinary career and give your professional resume a credibility boost with an art of cooking degree.

Those friends who can’t get enough of your cooking? They’re onto something, and it’s time to take your talents to new heights. Watch out world, here you come!

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