Banquet Manager

Banquet managers are responsible for running banquet halls or the banquet operations of a company. They hire personnel, oversee training, evaluate performance, take inventory, order supplies, and otherwise ensure that banquet activities run smoothly.

The success of a catered event depends on the timely and proper service of food, so this is the overriding concern of banquet managers. Because they oversee the coordination of both staff and supplies, anyone looking to enter this field should have strong organizational and communication skills.

Banquet managers strive to follow health and safety laws and regulations — and train staff members accordingly.

Banquet Manager Degrees

Banquet managers usually need a high school diploma or its equivalent as well as some higher education. An associate or bachelor’s degree in hospitality, food service management, or a related discipline can help at the beginning of this career path. Most programs include internships that offer on-the-job experience.

Because banquet managers are responsible for personnel as well as logistical functions, management experience or coursework is often recommended as well. Certification as a Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) is also a possibility.

Banquet Manager Salary*

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wages of food service managers were $46,320 with the middle 50% making between $36,670 and $59,580.

Those with a degree in food service management or related subject should enjoy the best prospects.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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