Communication Degree

If you have a talent for translating what you hear into a message others can understand — whether through verbal or written skills — earning a degree in communications could help advance your career. As an area of study that combines courses in marketing, sociology, finance and English, communications is an exciting and profitable path.

Communications Degrees

Many entry-level positions can be obtained with an associate or bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. A master’s or doctorate degree, however, is frequently required for corporate communications in larger companies and to obtain teaching positions.

Communications Fields

A degree in communications can prepare you for any job that requires superb communication skills, such as those listed below.

  • Corporate Communications

    Corporate communications uses a number of diverse mediums to share the vision and perspective of an organization, whether commercial or nonprofit, with its employees and the public.

  • Journalism

    Journalists might be called the watchdogs of society. They report the news, perform research and interviews to provide in-depth analyses, and often offer opinions on the meaning or relevance of their study.

  • Mass Communications

    Mass communication includes any number of positions in the mass media industry, which delivers information, opinion and entertainment to large numbers of people through print, broadcast, cable TV and the Internet.

  • Visual Communications

    The ability to create dynamic, information-rich imagery can be applied to numerous fields, including advertising, entertainment and journalism. It’s no wonder visual communications has risen to great prominence over the last century.

  • Sports Reporter

    Sports reporters gather appropriate information, write and share sports news. This type of reporting typically happens quickly as sporting news unfolds. These professionals often attend sporting events and interview athletes, coaches and other sports figures.

  • News Reporter

    News reporters work as a part of team including analysts, correspondents, and researchers to share the news with television news and radio listeners. Reporters investigate relevant story leads, examine relevant documents and data, monitor events and conduct interviews. Some reporters write their own material while others have assistance from researchers, writers and editors.

  • Newspaper Reporter

    Newspaper reporters develop story leads, follow up by gathering appropriate information, conduct interviews and write articles for print. They move quickly to report on current breaking news and spend weeks or even months deeply investigating a news story.

  • Advanced Start Communication

    Do you have a way with words and expressing yourself? If so, consider fine tuning your natural talents with a degree program in communication. Put your skills to good use while creating a whole new career for yourself.

  • Communication Technology

    You have strong respect for the written and spoken word – so the right message given the right way means everything. Your friends come to you for advice when they need to draft a piece of correspondence because they believe you can transform their writing into a masterpiece. If this scenario describes you, earning a degree in communication and technology could be the perfect match.

  • Communication Management

    You’ve been told countless times that you have a way with words. You dream of working with an organization that gets a message out effectively. Does this sound like you? If so, communication management could be right up your alley.

  • Interactive Communication

    Are you currently a media professional seeking to stay on the cutting edge in your field? With the emerging technology in this profession, it’s vital for media specialists to continue their education to maintain a thriving career.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

    Whether you’re working toward a degree in business, industry, finance or almost any other field, an associate degree in interdisciplinary studies can lay the professional groundwork to help you be your best. As a degree focusing on modern workplace basics, this program offers an excellent foundation for future degrees in almost any field.

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