Culinary Arts Degree

Cooking is just one part of the culinary arts profession. Earning a degree in the field entails learning about the style, management and delivery of the edible creations. Though cooking, baking and hospitality management involve physical tasks, online education can help prepare you for work in this tasty domain.

Culinary Arts Degrees

A degree in culinary arts concentrates on the techniques and terminology of preparing food and beverages in a professional and aesthetic manner. Though most entry-level positions do not require a degree, working in management typically requires a four-year degree.

Culinary Arts Fields

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the culinary field is currently the second largest industry in the United States based on the number of people employed. A degree in culinary arts can help prepare you for some of the following jobs in the culinary arts industry.

  • Baker

    Bakers concentrate on the sweeter side of food, especially bread, donuts, cakes, wedding cakes, or various pastries.

  • Caterer

    Rather than prepare meals to be served in a restaurant, caterers prepare and deliver meals to the site of parties, banquets, meetings and other events.

  • Chef

    There are many levels of chef, from the sous chefs who prepare ingredients for the cooks to the head chef, who is responsible for every aspect of kitchen operation.

  • Food Stylist

    A food stylist prepares and arranges food with appropriate props for still or video photography, advertising, menus, magazines or television shows. This visual aspect of the culinary arts ensures that the food and its presentation are both appetizing and visually appealing.

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