Culinary Management Degree

Do you enjoy planning, coordinating and cooking meals for others? If so, consider fine tuning your culinary and management talents with a degree program in culinary management. Not only can you obtain the knowledge and skills required for managing a food service team, you can also branch into regional cuisines and cooking techniques you’ve always enjoyed.

Culinary Management Degrees

Beginning with culinary skills, nutrition, food safety, cooking techniques and general study courses, students learn the foundational skills necessary for a culinary career. From there, advanced courses covering regional cuisines, leadership, kitchen management, restaurant management, menu preparation and basic business courses bring it all together. A culinary management career requires cooking talent, but it also requires the right type of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in a culinary management degree program:

  • Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques
  • Management by Menu
  • Food and Beverage Operations Management
  • Exploring Wines and the Culinary Arts
  • Catering and Event Management

Preparing to Work in Culinary Management

Earning a degree in culinary management prepares you for supervisory and management-level work in the culinary arts at restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, casinos and other food service establishments. It can also improve your current position, taking it to a higher level with your advanced culinary and management knowledge. Upgrade your cooking skills, learn about culinary management and give your professional credibility a boost while you follow your passion.

A finely tuned restaurant doesn’t produce mouth-watering meals by accident. A culinary manager orchestrates the entire operation. It’s time to take your talents to the next level and make your culinary dreams a delicious reality.

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