Design Management

Who better to manage the creative process than someone who understands it from the inside out? If you are a natural leader with a creative edge, consider pursing a degree in design management.

Design Management Degree

Start with courses that cover the basic education you need to build your career in design management. Explore the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, brand strategy and organizational behavior then delve into the nitty-gritty courses that teach you to lead teams from idea generation to the final product.

With a degree in design management, you can learn about the underlying theoretical foundations of creativity and innovation, and discover communication skills you can leverage in the work environment. Some of the classes you could take as part of a design management degree include:

  • Color and Design
  • Global Business Perspectives
  • Principles of Market Research
  • Law and the Commercial Arts
  • Managing Creativity and Innovation

Preparing to Work in Design Management

A degree in design management can open door to careers in marketing, production, advertising and more. With real-world experience and a targeted education, you can help businesses achieve their goals and stay one step ahead of the competition.

It’s time to bring your business savvy to the creative process. Begin your education in design management today.

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