Design Research

If you crave a career path that joins strategy and methodology with design to dissect the creative process, a design research degree could be a critical step in finding the perfect career.

Design Research Degree

Begin with foundational courses that teach you to collect and evaluate market research and understand design practice. Then, delve into advanced classes that explore such topics as the psychology of creativity and the relationship among design, chemistry and industry in the production of sustainable goods. Throughout the process, develop a visual portfolio of bragging rights that will show prospective employers why your resume belongs at the top.

Examples of courses you might take as part of a design research degree:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Culture
  • Theories of Design
  • Principles of Visual Communication

Preparing to Work in Design Research

A degree in design research can give you the skills to understand design processes and integrate business, research and art into that process. The knowledge and skills you gain can help you pave a unique path to entry-level jobs in market research, account management, photography and more.

Polish your perfect combination of creative and analytical skills and embark on a career that celebrates your unique talents. Pursue an education in design research today.

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