Design Visualization Degree

If you dream of a career that allows you to put your keen aesthetic judgment and creative visions to work, a degree in design visualization can help make that dream come true by giving you the design background and technical know-how to make it happen.

Design Visualization Degrees

Start with foundational coursework in basic drawing, image manipulation and photography – then tackle courses that explore 3D rendering and lighting solutions. Learn how to utilize multiple scripting languages and create photo-real digital backgrounds that can be used in films, games and animation projects.

With a degree in design visualization, prepare to conceptualize, design and develop graphics you can leverage in your own portfolio of bragging rights to convince employers you have what it takes.

Courses you could take in a design visualization degree program include:

  • Principles of Visual Communication
  • Digital Illustration
  • Computer Aided Industrial Design
  • Intermediate Drawing

Preparing to Work in Design Visualization

You can apply the education you gain with a degree in design visualization to create visual simulations, illustrations and designs in a variety of intriguing industries. A degree in design visualization can open the door to positions in architecture, interior design, product design, urban planning, entertainment and real estate development.

These industries need professionals with aesthetic knowledge and technical know-how to fill jobs such as modelers, technical artists, texture builders and digital illustrators.

A degree in design visualization can help prepare you for a career where you could make your creative visions come to life. Get started today!

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