Digital Design Diploma

A diploma in digital design can help you to build your resume and add credibility with the experience and skills necessary to break into the field. More importantly, if it’s your true passion, you’ll have fun at the same time!

Digital Design Program

Students enrolled in a digital design program study the fundamentals of design while learning how to use the latest technology and software in the industry. In addition to exploring design-related topics such as drawing and typography, students have the opportunity to create portfolios showcasing their work for prospective employers.

Digital design classes can include classes such as:

  • Design Elements
  • Basic Web Design
  • Computer Illustration
  • Graphic Symbolism
  • Print Production
  • Digital Photographic Production

Preparing to Work in Digital Design

Graduates of an accredited digital design program can emerge prepared for entry-level jobs in production and design, while those who are already established in the field can seek more advanced positions with their new-found expertise. The best time to start advancing your digital design career is now. Find out how an online degree can help you get there.

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