Fashion Design Degree

Studying fashion can provide a strong background in the applied art of constructing clothing, garments and accessories. If you have what it takes, earning an online degree in fashion can help take you to the top of your game.

Fashion degree programs can offer internships in the fashion industry, introductions to industry trendsetters and access to high-profile contests and competitions. The majority of working designers have studied design, often at an art school.

Fashion Design Fields

Though clothing design and construction involve physical skills, earning an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in arts and design with a focus in fashion can help pave the way to a successful career.

Fashion Industry Fields

The majority of opportunities in fashion design lie in fashion houses or companies, but some designers work freelance or start their own companies and market their creations under their name or label. An online degree in fashion design can help pave the way to some of the careers below.

  • Fashion Designer

    Fashion designers specialize in designing and constructing clothing, from haute couture to mass market garments.

  • Fashion Marketer

    Fashion marketers are responsible for bringing new fashion lines and designs to the marketplace.

  • Fashion Merchandiser

    The fashion merchandiser actually purchases lines of clothes that will be sold in a retail establishment, then promotes them directly to consumers by creating attractive and stylish displays.

  • Apparel Design

    If you are the go-to person for fashion advice, why not get paid to do just that? Consider enrolling in an apparel design program, where you can learn how to put your fashion skills to use in the workplace.

  • Fashion & Retail Management

    Window shopping is more than just retail therapy to you – it’s pure delight! You admire the artistry behind the displays as well as the subtle messages that compel shoppers to come on in and buy. Does this sound like you? If so, we’ve found an area of study that’s sure to capture your imagination.

  • Fashion Marketing & Management

    Though you dream of a professional business career, you can’t imagine yourself in a traditional office environment. Your sophisticated sense of style keeps interfering with your more traditional, practical side. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that allows you to blend your passion for fashion with your business know-how.

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