Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and bath design gives students the expertise to invent and reinvent the two most-used rooms in any house and bring new life into what was traditionally thought of as a space with limited use. Graduates imagine new ideas for these rooms, and create new spaces with as much style and pizzazz as their clients can afford.

This associate degree is geared toward giving a student the entire spectrum of skills needed to become an interior designer with a special focus on kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen and Bath Design Degree

Kitchen and bath design courses teach a student everything from basic design skills to practical knowledge of materials and business practices, within a set of nationally-specified construction guidelines.

Kitchen and bath design courses include:

  • Design and color fundamentals
  • Kitchen and bath drafting
  • Materials and sources
  • Lighting design
  • Construction applications
  • Computer-aided design and drafting
  • Business practices

Preparing to Work in Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and bath design graduates are essentially interior designers with a specific niche. The skills they learn in the program allow them to join the workforce as entry-level draftspersons, junior designers, CAD technicians and even interior design consultants.

If you feel specially drawn toward the challenge of recreating kitchens and bathrooms so that they bring joy to users and occupants, then this program is for you. Discover more information today.

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