Master in Computer Animation

Earning a master’s degree in computer animation prepares the student for a career in animation, bringing life to pixels on the screen, generating moving images that entertain and educating audiences of all ages. The program exposes students to industry-standard technologies and equipment, getting them ready to advance their artistic skills with a master’s level education. The result: Graduates are ready to take on more advanced steps within the production process.

Master in Computer Animation Degree

Since this is a master’s degree aimed at those who already possess some knowledge of graphic design and basic animation, the program’s courses revolve more around advanced techniques and strategies to improve animation, direction and production. Those courses include:

  • Computer animation production
  • Advanced expressive figure drawing
  • Animation technical direction
  • Advanced painting studio
  • The philosophy of aesthetics

Preparing to Work in Computer Animation

Master in computer animation graduates are ready to take on such jobs as: storyboard artist, animator, computer animator, computer artist, digital imaging artist, digital media producer, editor, layout artist, special effects artist, video game artist or illustrator.

If you’re in love with the animation art form and are ready to hone those computer animation skills, then this program is made with you in mind. Find out more information today!

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