Museum & Natural Art Degree

Representing a range of potential career opportunities at museums, cultural centers, historic sites, and public and private institutions, the museum and natural arts fields are often competitive and frequently require advanced degrees. Earning an online degree in the natural arts or museum studies could provide you with a valuable professional advantage.

Enhancing your appreciation for history and culture with an advanced education can create the foundation for a well-established and accomplished career. Whether your interests include researching centuries-old works of art or preserving and exhibiting historic artifacts, earning a degree online in museum studies or the natural arts is a beneficial way to increase your professional knowledge base, develop your skill set and expand your career options.

Museum & Natural Art Fields

Earning an online degree in museum studies (museology) or the natural arts can help prepare you for the engaging and highly specialized fields of museum studies and the natural arts, which include professions like:

  • Archives Director

    Archives directors primarily oversee collections of documents, texts and other important records for educational, civic or private institutions. These professionals typically direct the selection, acquisition, cataloging, maintenance, storage, display and preservation of designated works.

  • Art Director

    Art directors are largely responsible for developing visual, artistic and design-related projects for companies and organizations. In museums and other exhibit settings they play a primary role in acquiring, displaying, analyzing, maintaining and preserving owned and loaned artwork and antiquities.

  • Museum Curator

    Museum curators direct many important aspects of museum operations, including: exhibit planning, review and execution; cataloging, researching, maintaining, restoring and housing collections; public outreach activities like tours, workshops and educational seminars; and finding and negotiating the purchase or loan of documents, artifacts, artwork and other selections for exclusive or extended engagements.

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