Music Degree

Music instruction may focus on voice and instrument performance, music theory or the technology behind recording and sound equipment. For teaching and technical jobs, certain degrees are required. With performance positions, degrees provide more credibility and an opportunity to learn from experts before auditioning.

Music Fields

As noted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in this industry, “talent alone is not a guarantee of success.” While the demand continues to grow for musical artists and technical professionals, a stronger emphasis is placed on training and education than ever before. An online music degree could prepare you for one of the following jobs in the music industry:

  • Performer

    Sharing talent through concerts, theater and film, this professional spends a great deal of time practicing, auditioning and rehearsing.

  • Sound Technician

    As the person behind the scenes who sets up and operates sound equipment, the sound technician monitors all sound systems and troubleshoots problems during performances.

  • Composer

    Composers create original music for a wide variety of productions including: symphonies, operas, musical theater, advertising and film. They combine harmony, rhythm, melody and tonal structure to produce musical scores. Composers are musical artists who apply their talent to practical uses within the film, theater and musical industries.

  • Audio & Media Technology

    Consider tuning your talents with a degree program in audio and media technology. Not only can you hone your skills, but you can experiment with sound and bring your musical ideas to life.

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