Photographic Imaging

Photographic imaging is a bachelor’s degree program that teaches students the skills and techniques that bring your photography to the level of art. Teachers bring their wisdom and experience while you bring your own creativity, hard work and attention to detail. The end result: You emerge a professional photographer rather than a hobbyist, ready to serve clients with your camera.

Photographic Imaging Degree

Students will learn about photographic imaging by doing hands-on photo shoots both on location and in a studio. Course topics cover everything from lighting and history of photography, to photographic production, camera lenses, and professional standards.

Additional courses include:

  • Art history
  • Color theory
  • Photographic design
  • Digital photography production
  • Location photography
  • Lighting
  • Photojournalism

Preparing to Work in Photographic Imaging

Photographic imaging graduates are ready to enter the workforce at jobs such as: photo editor, photojournalist, studio assistant, freelance photographer, photo lab technician and product photographer.

If you’re constantly taking photos and have the desire to turn your hobby into a career, then get more exposure to this program. Find out how you can get started today.

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