Photography & Design

Photography and design is a degree program that teaches students the skills and techniques needed to bring photography to the level of art. Capture the images you want to take, not simply what the camera gives you on AUTO mode. Become a professional photographer, not just a hobbyist, and take photos that could one day grace magazine covers, postcards, brochures or websites.

Photography & Design Degree

Photography and design students learn by doing, so location photo shoots as well as studio pictorials are part of the program. Class topics cover everything from lighting and the history of photography to photographic post-production, camera bodies and lenses — and even professional standards.

Other photography and design courses include:

  • Art history
  • Photographic design
  • Digital photography production
  • Location photography
  • Lighting
  • Photojournalism

Preparing to Work in Photography & Design

Photography and design can prepare you for such positions as freelance photographer, photojournalist, digital prepress operator, photographer’s assistant, production assistant or digital postproduction manager. You could find yourself working in an advertising or design agency, production company, media outlet, entertainment company and more.

Maybe it’s time to get out from behind the viewfinder and really learn the science and techniques that separate casual photography from photographic art. Get more information today.

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