Sound & Motion Picture Technical Arts

Sound and motion picture technical arts is a bachelor’s degree program that allows students to study both audio and video production in an environment that emphasizes hands-on learning as well as theoretical framework. The program prepares you for a technical career in the entertainment industry by exposing you to the wide variety of jobs that form a production line for a motion picture.

Sound & Motion Picture Technical Arts Degree

Sound and motion picture technical arts offers both basic and advanced topics related to production from lighting and cinematography to post-production and editing. Along the way you can cultivate technical skills in areas such as field recording, multi-camera production, cinematography, editing and foley sound techniques.

Courses in sound and motion picture may include:

  • Audio technology
  • Hard disk recording
  • Digital cinematography
  • Multi-camera production
  • Digital video editing

Preparing to Work in Sound & Motion Picture Technical Arts

Sound and motion picture technical arts graduates will emerge ready to enter jobs in the various technical areas of audio and video production whether in film, television, web video or other audio-visual media. Graduates from the program may seek entry-level careers in location recording, television, the motion picture industry, corporate AV, technical support, and other related fields.

So if you’d love to produce the next Academy Award-winning film, then begin by getting the best training from this program. Get more information today.

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