Video Production

Video production is a bachelors degree program designed for those who enjoy and want to master all the various aspects of video production, including picking the right camera, using lenses, camera angles, microphone usage, foley, sound effects, special effects, and the editing of the final version. This program allows you to fine tune your craft from idea to tape (or file) and experiment with the latest film and video technologies.

Video Production Degree

Starting out with the basic foundations of video production, students steadily learn the basics of producing films from concept to final output. Courses introduce you to directing, acting, scriptwriting, sound design, editing and more.

They also include:

  • Basic Photographic Techniques
  • Digital Video Production
  • Production Planning
  • Aesthetics: Critical Thinking in the Digital Realm
  • Studio Sound Recording

Preparing to Work in Video Production

Earning a degree in video production could prepare you for an entry-level job in the film and television industries, or it could pave the way for you to begin an independent or freelance career. Build your portfolio with multiple video clips and fine tune your craft, all while giving your professional resume a healthy shot of credibility.

Take your talents and technical skills to a higher level so you can tell the best stories on video. Get more information today.

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