Video Skills

Dramatic and musical theater requires a team of professionals for successful performances. From playwrights, actors and directors to stage hands, costume designers and set creators, every position is essential. Many different skills combine to create the overall effect of a theatrical performance.

Theatrical productions may travel or perform in one particular location. Theater workers can work with musicals, comedies or dramas. Writers, artists, carpenters, seamstresses, performers, musicians and business people are all vital to the success of this industry.

Video skills is a diploma program for those already considering a career in videography or film production. Since its a diploma program, you can get straight to the most important classes: learning how to make, shoot, edit and produce videos.

Video Skills Diploma

The video skills program will cover the entire flow of video production from concept and script to cinematography, lighting and editing.

Video skills courses include:

  • Basics of video and audio production
  • Editing and postproduction
  • Directing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Television production

Preparing to Work with Video Skills

Graduates with a diploma in video skills emerge prepared for entry-level jobs in the television and entertainment industry such as camera operator, production assistant or assistant floor director.

Even if video technology is all around us, not everyone can make a professional-looking video that can be used for corporate training or entertainment. A video skills program offers you the training and technical know-how to do just that. Get more information today.

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