Visual and Performing Arts Degree

Visual arts comprise many different artistic styles include painting, pottery, sculpting, printmaking and photography. Performing arts involve the expression of art through the individual in front of an audience as with drama, dance and music presentations.

Although talent provides an excellent starting point, most professionals grew their skills through training and education. Learning from experts allows an amateur performer or artist to become more professional. Any number of degrees within the visual and performing arts field could provide the expertise needed to turn natural talent or even a passion into a career.

Visual and Performing Arts Fields

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over the next decade competition for positions in the visual and performing arts field will continue to grow. Some of the most popular career paths in the arts include:

  • Theater

    These professions include actors and musical performers, set designers, directors, prop and stage hands and costume designers.

  • Fine Arts

    Sculptors, painters, potters and other hands-on artists contribute to the exploration of these artistic endeavors. Art directors also find employment within this job field.

  • Casting Director

    A casting director hires actors and actresses for all of the speaking parts in a play or film. Casting directors may also employ any extras or an assistant to the director may take on this role. In most cases, a casting director utilizes auditions to fill the major roles.

  • Talent Agent

    Talent agents represent people seeking success in the performance industries. They typically specialize in performers for film, television, theater, modeling and music. Talent agents connect with producers, directors and casting agents to open doors of opportunity for clients.

  • Producer

    Producers are responsible for business and financial decisions related to creating a film, a theater production or television show. These decisions relate to script selection, idea development, organizing finances and budgets. Producers participate in the hiring of directors, cast and staff related to a specific production.

  • Audio Design Technology

    With this educational experience, you could find yourself working in the music industry, film making or broadcasting.

  • Audio Production

    With this educational experience, you could find yourself working in the music industry, film making or broadcasting.

  • Digital Film & Video

    You dream of telling stories in moving pictures and enjoy the behind-the-scenes activities required of visual communications such as scripting, camera work and editing. The technology involved doesn’t intimidate you; it excites you. If this sounds intriguing, we’ve found an area of study you just might love.

  • Digital Film and Video Production

    When watching a movie, TV show or newscast, you’re more interested in the techniques involved in delivering the material to your screen than the content itself. You appreciate all aspects of film and video making from camera angles to sound effects and the pace of the editing. Does this sound like you? If so, we’ve found an area of study to match.

  • Master in Visual Arts

    In visual arts, what you see is what you get. Whether it’s the beauty of a pen and ink drawing or the emotion exuded by a photograph, or even the sublime contours of a ceramic vase, visual arts is about expression and communication through outputs we can see and touch.

  • Master in Film

    Taking family vacation videos doesn’t make one a filmmaker. Studying the intricacies and interplay between script, cinematography, production and post-production phases does. In short, actually producing films makes one a filmmake

  • Sound & Motion Picture Technical Arts

    You understand what a director of cinematography does, and you know what the term “foley” or “key grip” means at the end credits of a movie. You know directors by their ouevres and dream of someday joining their ranks as a filmmaker or audiovisual professional. If you are passionately in love with audio, film and multimedia and want to learn to produce something that others will someday enjoy watching, then look no further than this degree.

  • Video Production

    If you’re watching a movie or TV show and feel more interested in the techniques behind the show’s production than the actual content, then this degree could be for you.

  • Video Skills

    Are you already working and considering a switch in industry to the world of video production and entertainment? Do you already love video and film and want to discover how to create dynamic stories out of moving pictures? If this sounds like you, then read on.

  • Visual & Entertainment Arts

    Do friends and family constantly tell you how artistic you are? Are you always doodling in your sketchpads and notebooks, or tinkering with art programs on the computer? Then check out this program.

  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

    Ever wondered about how movie effects are made? Do you want to learn how to manipulate graphics or create special effects sequences for film, TV and movies? If so, then read on.

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