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Want to stay competitive by earning an online degree in business or finance? Find online business certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and MBAs here!

A successful business career can lead to riches, fame and respect. Regardless of your specific field, starting out with an online degree in business will prove a great professional advantage that can help take you to the top, especially if you plan to run your own business.

In the world of business, the higher you wish to climb up the corporate ladder, the greater the need for credibility. Degrees in business can run from the associate level, indicating competency in some specific function, to a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Here are some of the most popular business online degrees:

Business Fields

Numerous career opportunities are possible once you earn an online degree in business. Below are a few of the most popular:

  • Accounting and Finance

    Are you a numbers person? This career field assists businesses, organizations and individuals make money, create budgets and plan for their financial future.

  • Accounting and Management

    You have a strong aptitude for business, finance and analytical thinking. You relish the thought of dealing with numbers every day as well as taking a leadership role in business decisions. If this sounds like you, we have an area of study you should check out.

  • Advertising

    The goal of advertising is to increase awareness of a product and inform a targeted audience of its benefits, which increases sales and leads to profits.

  • Business Administration

    An online degree in business administration can train you in essential management and business techniques that can be applied to virtually any business.

  • Customer Service

    A customer service technician deals with a variety of inquiries such as issues related to the product or service; information about products or pricing; address changes and updates on placed orders. They communicate with customers via telephone, email or face-to-face.

  • E-Commerce/E-Business

    E-commerce courses educate you in sales and marketing techniques that adapt traditional techniques to Internet business. Is E-commerce the business career for you?

  • Entrepreneurship

    Have you always wanted to start your own business and work for yourself? If so, you probably have an entrepreneurial spirit. Explore more about this exciting career path now.

  • Financial Planning

    Financial planning incluces financial advisers and financial analysts, but these jobs are not the same. Learn more about these business careers.

  • Financial Management

    Do you want to oversee the budgets, investments and cash-management strategies of a company? If so, check out this business career field.

  • Hospitality and Tourism

    The leisure industry is experiencing an explosion of growth all around the world. Do you have what it takes to work with guest services, travel, hotels and restaurants?

  • Human Resources

    Also known simply as “HR,” this department of a company is responsible for managing employees, payroll, organization and administration of benefits. They also recruit and hire personnel.

  • International Business

    International business can educate you about the various laws, cultural differences, languages and techniques necessary to effectively operate a multinational business.

  • Leadership

    Leadership is the ability to manage a team and turn it into a productive, efficient working unit.

  • Logisitics

    A person who works in logistics analyzes and manages the logistical responsibilities of a company or organization. This professional oversees the availability and distribution of materials and products. Logisticians work closely with clients assessing customers’ needs, creating delivery schedules and following up to insure that needs are met.

  • Management

    Interested in the upper-level position of establishing, organizing, mobilizing, guiding and strategizing an organization’s resources to attain its goals? If so, consider a position in business management.

  • Marketing and Sales

    A company may offer the best, cheapest product in its field, but if nobody knows about it, it won’t sell. If you’re good at spreading the word, consider this field of business.

  • Organizational Management

    Organizational management refers to the management of human resources from the individual, team, organization and global perspectives.

  • Project Management

    Are you good at planning, organizing and managing specific business projects? Learn more about setting goals, defining budgets, creating schedules and coordinating the activities of various individuals and departments.

  • Public Relations

    PR professionals speak on behalf of their clients by pitching story ideas to the press, writing press releases and creating press kits. Could a career in public relations be calling?

  • Risk Management

    Risk managers identify and analyze the financial risks posed to organizations and businesses to minimize the potential for loss and increase the potential for success.

  • Strategy and Innovation

    Professionals working in organizational strategy and innovation develop new strategies and identify opportunities for innovative changes. They strive to improve how a company operates, which often affects the profit margins and success rate of the company. They view business from a global perspective, demonstrating strategic leadership skills and working cooperatively with other professionals in their industry.

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