Accounts Payable Coordinator

Accounts payable coordinators oversee all monies paid out by a corporation or company. They audit, schedule and input invoice information into the computer. They receive and stamp invoices, determining when accounts will be paid. Checking the accuracy of invoices and verifying authorization for payment are at the heart of this accounting position.

Almost every industry utilizes the services and skills of an accounts payable coordinator. These financial professionals often work alone during the accounting process, but they should be able to communicate effectively with employees, managers and vendors. Accounts payable coordinators must be proficient at using current accounting software.

Some specific responsibilities of an accounts payable coordinator are as follows:

  • Review all invoices for accuracy
  • Date stamp purchase orders and invoices
  • Authorize or acquire authorization of payment
  • Pay bills
  • Input invoice information into computer and run regular updates
  • Run and batch checks
  • Keep track of vendor accounts through an electronic or physical file system
  • Answer accounts payable inquiries from vendors and management
  • Oversee all related IRS paperwork responsibilities with vendors
  • Communicate with vendors, employees and management
  • Distribute payroll checks.

Accounts Payable Coordinator Degrees

Depending on the company and the level of responsibility, an accounts payable coordinator may hold an associates or bachelor’s degree in accounting. Candidates with only an associate’s degree may be required to train with a company before taking full responsibility.

Accounts payable coordinators are not typically required to be Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Accounts Payable Coordinator Salary*

The median annual salary in 2008 for an accounts payable coordinator was $32,510, according to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This profession is expected to grow at an average rate compared to other jobs through 2018.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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