Acquisition and Contract Management Degree

Do you also have a knack for negotiation? If so, think about channeling your skills and interests into a degree program in acquisition and contract management. Learn about all aspects of contracts from procurement to execution while increasing your credentials as a job candidate.

Acquisition and Contract Management Degree

Students begin this course of study with general requirements that may include accounting, English composition and mathematics. From there, students learn more about contracts as they relate to the business world. Preparing for a career in acquisition and contract management requires dedication and commitment, and the rewards can be great.

Here’s a look at some of the classes included in an acquisition and contract management degree:

  • Fundamentals of e-Business
  • Cost and Price Analysis
  • Principles of Federal Acquisition and Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Contract Law

Preparing to Work in Acquisition and Contract Management

A degree in acquisition and contract management provides you with a deep knowledge of contract management policies and principles. With this degree, you are prepared for positions in both the government and the corporate world. It can also help you advance in your current position and provide a solid foundation for further specialized instruction.

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