Advertising Degree

If you ever thought “Just do it” after seeing a Nike symbol, you understand the power of good advertising. Although finding a catchy way to sell products is an advertiser’s main goal, becoming an advertising executive involves more than making people remember a product.If you think you have what it takes, earning an online degree can help advance your career.

Advertising Degrees

The study of advertising involves a variety of disciplines such as graphics, media planning, marketing and public relations. If you’ve got a knack for memorable phrases, a way with visuals and an instinct for what makes people tick, then earning an online degree in business with a focus on advertising could be for you.

Due to the wide appeal of advertising jobs, most employers require either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or marketing. An internship or on-the-job experience is recommended for those who are new to the field due to the competitive nature of this field’s job market. More and more students are looking to online universities to earn their degrees while keeping their current jobs or serving internships.

Advertising Job Opportunities

There are many different career options available for advertising majors including advertising managers, account executives and creative directors in advertising firms. Whether you work full time or have a hectic life schedule, earning an online degree can help you reach your goals on your own schedule.

  • Advertising Manager

    Advertising managers oversee advertising staff, which usually consists of account executives, creative directors, and media directors. Many advertising managers serve as the link between the advertising agency and the client.

  • Search Engine Marketing Manager

    Search engine marketing managers are responsible for ensuring that the online marketing and online advertising programs run smoothly and provide the necessary results.

  • SEO Specialist

    An SEO specialist is someone who helps to get a client’s online business or website ranked higher up in search engine results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and, indeed, the role of an SEO specialist is to optimize a client’s online presence for maximum earning potential.

  • Acquisition and Contract Management

    You have an excellent eye for detail and would love to work in a business environment. Combing through documents and ensuring they contain all necessary information is an idea that intrigues you. If this sounds exciting, there is an area of study you should consider.

  • Advertising Design

    You never miss a single episode of Mad Men and you dream of a career where your artistic talents are put to good use. You have a knack for communicating complex ideas using both words and pictures. If this sounds like you, you may fall head-over-heels in love with the idea of studying advertising design.

  • Advertising and Digital Media Design

    Go ahead, admit it: You’re the type that actually enjoys watching commercials and appreciates the creativity behind the message. You also have the technical aptitude to create compelling online messages – and your messages get heard

  • Communication Design

    Do you find yourself constantly critiquing the design of various advertising campaigns and slogans? Do you believe you could communicate the message more effectively and creatively? If so, the field of communication design may be a perfect fit for you.

  • Digital Media Design

    You enjoy taking complex ideas and presenting them graphically, making them easy to understand. You specialize in selecting the best techniques and technologies for maximum impact. Does this describe you? If so, we’ve found an area of study that may be a perfect fit.

  • Business Instructional Design

    Do you have a passion for teaching others more about business? Many routes exist for sharing your talents and experience with others, so why not start with a degree in business instructional design? By learning to analyze and examine the design of online education and instructional technology, you could reach a wider audience and present a motivating “lecture” digitally.

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