Advertising Design Degree

Do you admire billboards, advertising spreads and innovative marketing campaigns? If so, consider developing your own talents for the task with a degree program in advertising design. In addition to fine tuning your advertising and graphic skills, you’ll build a portfolio that’s worth bragging about.

Advertising Design Degrees

Beginning with design concepts, visual communications and general studies courses, students gain a firm foundation in traditional advertising. From there, students build on this foundation with courses covering art direction, market research, copywriting and more. Preparing for a career in advertising design requires more than raw talent; it requires the right kind of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in an advertising design degree program:

  • Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
  • Design and Writing
  • Truth, Perception and Storytelling

Preparing to Work in Advertising Design

Earning a degree in advertising design prepares you for a career in advertising, marketing, public relations and publishing. It can also help you take your existing career to new heights by enhancing your skills and increasing your knowledge. Fine tune your creative talents, follow your passion and build a portfolio while pursuing a degree that adds credibility to your professional resume.

Remember: While the business culture of Mad Men has changed dramatically, advertising agencies, television studios, Web development firms and communication agencies continue to need talented, educated advertising designers with a creative streak. It could be you!

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