Advertising Manager

Advertising managers supervise the staff of advertising departments. In larger companies, they might supervise the creative and media departments of the company. If they are employed by an advertising agency, they act as a point of contact between the agency and its clients, but if they work for a large corporation, they will act as a liaison between the company’s advertising department and its clients, whether in-house or external.

In general, advertising is the art of communicating a message or promoting a product or service to a targeted audience through the use of media. The purpose is to increase awareness of the product or service in the public eye, and inform an audience of its benefits, which increases sales. The advertising manager oversees all aspects of this effort.

Advertising Manager Degrees

The majority of entry-level positions in advertising require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, communication or business, or a similar subject. But a master of business administration (MBA) degree, with a focus in advertising, is often preferred, if not required, to qualify for a position as an advertising manager.

Advertising Manager Job Description

The creation and execution of a successful advertising campaign requires the efforts of an entire team of people. That team can include creative directors, copywriters, art directors, account executives and Web designers. The advertising manager coordinates the efforts of this team, determines what type of advertising is most appropriate for the product and oversees the design and implementation. Other advertising manager job duties include:

  • Prepare budgets and submit cost estimates
  • Negotiate advertising and sales contracts
  • Approve contracts negotiated by team members
  • Track the success of ad campaigns after they are launched

To succeed in the advertising industry, all members of the ad team must be creative thinkers, effective and persuasive communicators and people who can work well under pressure. Advertising managers in particular need to be focused and flexible enough to effectively manage a team comprised of individuals who are encouraged to “think outside the box.”

Becoming an advertising manager means recognizing attractive presentations of graphic material while keeping an eye on the effectiveness of the ad campaign as determined by sales.

Advertising Manager Salary

Figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the average annual salary for advertising managers is around $70,000. This average wage is expected to rise by about 10 percent over the upcoming decade as advertising managers expand their range of tasks and become more multifaceted.

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