Become a Marketing Manager

Marketing managers research and identify what consumers want and need, and then they find ways to develop, price, distribute and promote goods and services that attract them. Becoming a marketing manager involves more than just managing a group; it requires developing pricing options, tracking trends and analyzing competition.

Would you enjoy working closely with advertising and public relations managers to promote a company’s product or service? If you can design products and ad campaigns that will appeal to target audiences, becoming a marketing manager may be the career for you.

Marketing Manager Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for nearly all positions in the field of marketing. There is wide latitude in the subject area of the degree, however, depending on the particular industry and position.

Marketing Manager Job Description

The central role of the marketing manager is to supervise a team that is creating and executing marketing campaigns. Marketing managers work in close collaboration with managers of other departments to establish a company’s marketing strategy. Other marketing manager job duties include:

  • Estimate the demand for products
  • Analyze similar products and services offered by competitors
  • Identify potential customers and markets
  • Develop a strategy for promoting the item to target customers
  • Oversee campaigns that will expose the product or service to clients

In addition to education, an effective marketing manager should possess a wide variety of personal and professional traits, including excellent communication and social skills, as well as an understanding of psychology to best determine what appeals to consumers.

Marketing Manager Salary

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, career opportunities in the marketing field are good and getting better. In fact, the Labor Department projects marketing as one of the occupations expected to grow faster than the average well into the next decade.

Figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the median annual salary for marketing managers varies between $70,000 and $100,000 depending on the business, industry, size of the company and level of employment.

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