Branch Manager

Branch managers are responsible for the daily operation of a bank branch. They use their people skills to train and support their employees, offer quality customer services to clients and sell the bank’s loan products. They also work to ensure the safety and security of the bank.

Both local banks and large national banks need branch managers. This key position connects the main bank office with the community where the branch is located. Branch managers must be knowledgeable about all of the bank’s products and policies and keep up with the changing world of finance on a global level. They also work to raise the profile of the bank within the community by participating in local events.

Branch Manager Degrees

Unlike most jobs in finance, a branch manager often starts out as a loan officer and is promoted from within the company. Loan officers and branch managers need bachelor’s degrees in business or economics to be considered for work.

Some high-profile banks require a branch manager to possess a master’s degree in finance or a related field. Continuing education online in the areas of international business and information systems will help keep a branch manager on top of a changing global economy.

Branch Manager Job Description

A good branch manager combines the skills of a sales person, financial master and well-respected teacher. The manager ensures the company’s goals are being met by selling loans and other financial products, but he or she also keeps the customers and employees happy. Branch managers are responsible for motivating the staff and keeping the head office informed of the progress of the branch.

Many banks have management training programs that allow the branch manager to work in all of the bank’s positions. This experience allows the manager to understand how each department runs. Many banks will pay for continuing education if their employees want to advance.

Branch Manager Salary

While corporate-level positions in the banking industry are scarce, positions such as branch manager are expected to expand in the coming decades.

Even in tough economic times, customers need knowledgeable branch managers to provide a sense of security about their finances. According to, the median annual salary for a branch manager was $94,037 in 2006.

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