Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters work for insurance companies, including auto, life, residential and business agencies. They process insurance claims submitted by claimants. They complete inspections, perform interviews and research relevant documents. Claims adjusters often consult with other professionals such as lawyers, physicians, accountants and architects for specific expert advice.

Once claims adjusters complete their investigations, they compile photographs, statements and other documents into cohesive reports. These reports are utilized to evaluate the validity of claims. With current technology, claims adjusters may save reports electronically, including video and audio versions of interviews.

As a claims adjuster, you could perform any of the following duties:

  • Record initial claim information as filed by claimant
  • Perform inspections of claim sites, vehicles, homes or businesses
  • Interview claimants and related witnesses
  • Obtain and research documents including hospital and police records
  • Consult with other experts
  • Compile details into a comprehensive claim report
  • Negotiate with claimant to settle the claim
  • If necessary, work cooperatively with legal professionals and witnesses to defend the insurance company during contested claims.

Claims Adjuster Degrees

While most claims adjusters receive on the job training, companies often find candidates with degrees and certificates more attractive in a challenging job market. A bachelor’s degree in economics, business, legal studies, finance or risk management could prove valuable when seeking this position. Other programs available to claims adjusters include risk management and insurance certificates. These certificate programs provide specialized insurance and business management education. Most often, schools that offer risk management certificates seek students who previously earned a degree in a related field such as economics or finance.

Claims Adjuster Representative Salary*

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for claims adjusters in 2008 was $55,760. This profession is expected to grow by 7% through 2018.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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