Communication Design Degree

Communication design is a field that encompasses several types of skills, including writing, graphic design, and computer science. Essentially, communication design is the art of disseminating information to those who might be interested in hearing it and doing so in a way that is likely to attract attention. Advertising is the field where most communication design degree majors find work, but they can also be employed in a variety of other areas.

What Type of Degree Does a Communication Design Expert Have?

Many schools offer specific degrees at both the four- and six-year level in communication design. These degrees feature classes that prepare students to communicate visually, verbally, and in other ways with prospective audiences. Students in communication design programs often have strong written and verbal skills along with a streak of creativity or artistic ability that allows them to create unique and interesting presentations that capture the attention of a selected group of people.

Most communication design experts have at least a four-year degree. Many who want to gain promotions or more responsible positions go on to take a master’s degree in communications, writing, or a similar field, or may even acquire a master’s specifically in communication design.

How Much Can I Earn With a Communication Design Degree?

There are several job titles that might apply to someone with a communication design degree. Depending on what type of job you have, your earnings may vary. Location and years of experience will also affect your salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following salaries represent median annual pay for these job descriptions:

Technical Writers – Technical writers earn about $63,280 per year according to the BLS. Those classified as software publishers earn a median annual salary of $76,410; those who work with computer systems design earn $66,860; those who are involved in scientific research earn $64,890; those in architecture and engineering earn $62,350; and those who work in management earn $62,290 per year

Graphic Designers –  Those who work as graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $43,500

Photographers – Photographers earn a median wage of $14.00 per hour

As each of these jobs has a widely divergent salary, it is easy to see that your job description will have an impact on how much you earn as a communication design specialist. Those who work in technical writing fields, especially designing complicated instruction manuals or other information for lay people, will earn the most, while those who simply illustrate simple material will probably earn less.

What Is the Job Outlook for Communication Designers?

The job outlook for various aspects of communication design depends on the field in which you are working. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2010 and 2020 Technical Writers can expect job growth of about 17 percent, Graphic Designers about 13 percent overall and Photographers around 13 percent job growth across the industry.

What Would I Do as a Communication Designer?

Most communication designers work with companies to design campaigns that promote products, services, or organizations. This advertising aspect of communication design is the most universal area in which communication designers work. The advertising might consist of promotion of products or services or it might be a type of public relations work to promote government agencies, schools, or other organizations. However, the unifying factor in these jobs is that communication designers are responsible for putting the client’s information into a format that will appeal to a targeted audience.

Because the communication designer’s job hinges on understanding the target audience, a communication designer may work with market researchers, advertising experts, management of a company or a public relations firm in order to gather information about a project’s purpose. Once the communication designer has an idea of what is expected from the client and what it will take to reach the consumer or audience, he or she can begin to put together information, pictures, writing, and other components of a communication design project.

If you enjoy the design aspects of projects and have strong communication skills, you may want to explore a degree in communication design. This job is ideal for someone who wants to use his or her creative ability but also wants a reliable job that will pay a decent salary and provide structure. If you are looking for steady employment in an artistic field, communication design is an option to consider.

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