Customer Care Management Degree

In today’s competitive business world, customer care management is an important aspect of retail sales. Happy customers mean returning business, and most companies know that it is far cheaper to keep a satisfied customer than to find new ones. Therefore, many businesses have devoted entire departments to customer care management.

What Do Customer Care Managers Do?

Customer care representatives do the tasks necessary to keep customers happy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, customer care managers:

  • Talk to customers and respond to concerns about products or services
  • Answer questions about a company’s products, services, or other concerns
  • Handle orders and process payments
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Issue credits or refunds for returns or unsatisfactory products
  • Keep records of transactions and resolutions
  • Research customer questions
  • Manage customer service representatives

Most customer care managers begin as customer service representatives and move into management positions due to their exemplary work and leadership skills. Some managers are hired out of school, but many serve at least some time in the company learning the job before they are placed in management positions.

How Much Do Customer Service Managers Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, customer service representatives usually start at a median pay of $14.64 per hour. While this is not very much money, some customer service managers spend a relatively short amount of time “learning the ropes” before they move into management positions, where the pay is much better.

What Is The Job Outlook for Customer Care Managers?

Quality customer service is always in demand at retail establishments, so the job growth for customer service representatives in general is expected to be 15 percent between 2010 and 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is about average for most occupations, although customer service job opportunities may be more prevalent in certain industries such as technology than in more traditional retail businesses.

How Do I Become a Customer Service Manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an entry-level customer service job requires only a high school diploma and a willingness to learn the job. However, in order to advance to a management position, it is often advisable for employees to seek a higher degree. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business management can help employees qualify for management jobs; some companies require a degree in order to earn a promotion. There are also specific customer care management degrees available at several schools; these are usually bachelor’s degrees with a focus on psychology and business models.

Those with a master’s in business administration will be qualified for higher-level management positions such as regional managers or corporate managers, and may be asked to manage large numbers of customer service representatives or to devise customer service protocols for an entire company. Obviously, the higher the level of education you have, the more job opportunities you will enjoy and the better you can expect your pay to be.

A customer service representative or manager should have certain personal qualities in order to be successful. Customer service workers must be patient and compassionate, as they will have to deal on a regular basis with angry or dissatisfied customers. Strong communication skills are also necessary to enable customer service workers to understand customers’ viewpoints and work out acceptable resolutions to complaints.

Individuals with strong people skills and a desire to help others may want to consider a career in customer service management. This job field allows for the use of creativity and ingenuity on a daily basis and provides a challenging and rewarding job for those who enjoy working with others to achieve resolutions.

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