Customer Service

A customer service technician is the link between the customer and a business offering products or services. At times, customer service technicians resolve issues for the customer related to the products or services. They respond to customer inquiries and provide a valuable connection for client information and problem resolution.

Customer service technician training and educational requirements vary by industry. In general, the following educational steps could prove beneficial after graduating high school:

  • Earn an associate degree in business, technology or English
  • Earn an bachelor’s degree in business, technology or English

Although training differs from company to company, most require training focused on communication skills, the company and its products or services.

Customer Service Job Description

Customer service technicians represent companies by interacting with customers in the most positive way possible. For some, that means resolving problems, providing information, guiding customers in purchases and updating records. The authority that a customer service technician has varies from company to company.

Companies often have specific guidelines for customer service technicians about how different situations are handled, responding to questions and dealing with problems or questions. Some of the most common industries to employ customer service technicians include banking, retail, e-commerce, insurance and travel.

A customer service technician generally does the following for customers:

  • Interacts via telephone, email and in person
  • Answers questions and provides information
  • Resolves problems
  • Updates customer records
  • Provides advice about industry-related products and services

Verbal communication and listening skills are vital for customer service technicians. Strong interpersonal skills and computer knowledge are also very important for this profession.

Customer Service Technician Salary

As indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of customer service technicians has an anticipated growth of about 18% through 2018. This growth reflects around 400,000 new jobs in customer service. Relocation of customer service call centers to foreign countries has decreased and is expected to continue decreasing, providing more jobs in the United States.

As of May 2008, average hourly wages of customer service technicians were $14.36. The range of hourly wages related to industries employing customer service technicians ran from $9.15 to $23.24, according to the Federal government. The insurance industry offers the highest average hourly rate for customer service technicians at $15.76.


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