Digital Media Design Degree

Do you have an artistic touch? If so, consider exploring the world of design with a degree program in digital media design. Not only can you hone your skills, but you can also experiment with new techniques and technologies.

Digital Media Design Degree

Beginning with communications, drawing, design concepts, project management and general studies courses, students learn foundational concepts and theories. From there, it all comes together as students explore typography, 3D modeling, special effects and more. Preparing for a digital media design career takes talent, but it also requires the right type of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in a digital media design degree program:

  • Drawing
  • Communications Design
  • 3D Design and Modeling
  • Professional Practices for Designers
  • Digital Media Culture

Preparing to Work in Digital Media Design

Earning a degree in digital media design prepares you for work as a design professional in areas such as advertising, Web design, production and more. It can also help you advance in your current position with an advanced knowledge of digital media design. Create stunning new pieces for your portfolio and study a discipline that you’re passionate about, all while adding a strong dose of credibility to your professional resume.

The visual arts are as old as man, but the tools have changed. It’s time to take your talents to the next level and show the world your capabilities!

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