E-commerce, an abbreviation of “electronic commerce,” refers to the distribution, marketing and sale of products or services over the Internet or other computer network systems. If you love doing business on the Web, earning an online degree in business with an emphasis in e-commerce can help advance your career.

Individuals interested in e-commerce should be skilled in both business and technology. In addition to being Internet savvy, they should possess the characteristics of any business owner: creativity, perseverance, organization and determination. If you’re already spending time on the Web, why not earn an online degree in business?

E-Commerce Job Description

Amazon and Ebay are only two of many online giants that have become successful selling goods online. Earning an online degree in business can help prepare you for this exciting career path.

Developing your own e-business or e-commerce site is similar to starting your own small business. Begin by determining a basic concept, service, or product that you want to sell. Keep in mind that not all products are compatible with the Internet sales model. Once you’ve determined a product that is financially viable to sell online, secure a domain name and construct your website and email systems. Obtain the proper funding, create a strong customer-service facility and begin marketing your product or service.

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