Events Manager

A convention or events manager worries about the details of an event so the attendees don’t have to, which can mean organizing the facility, coordinating with contractors and working with suppliers. An events manager might work for a nonprofit organization, a corporation, an event facility or even the government.

There is no direct path to becoming an events manager. People in this position may have backgrounds in business, public relations, communications, travel and hotel management. Many start out as event coordinators or in human resources and gain experience that they can later put toward becoming a manager.

Events Manager Degrees

It’s possible to become an events manager without a secondary degree, but most high-profile positions with large companies require at least a bachelor’s degree in business or hospitality. Experience in a related field is necessary for most positions, but many companies will provide training for employees who want to advance from within.

Events Manager Job Description

Events managers are responsible for making sure an event they are organizing runs smoothly. They supervise all aspects from the initial meeting with the clients to post-event evaluations. Some large corporations and governments may have managers on staff to coordinate events at different venues, while other managers work for a convention center or similar facility.

Some of the daily duties of an events manager may include:

  • Supervise event coordinators and other support staff
  • Develop relationships with vendors and contractors
  • Guide the client through the event planning process
  • Conduct tours of the facility
  • Choose meeting content and book speakers for conferences

Events Manager Salary

The salary for an events manager varies with the amount of experience and level of education. While many managers earn their positions by working their way up through the organization, it will take much longer to reach the top level of pay than those with more education and the same level of experience.

Managers who are fluent in a foreign language or have a background in hospitality will earn more than those without. According to a survey by, an events manager with five to nine years of experience can expect to earn a median annual salary of $48,206. Some events managers supplement their base salary with bonuses for meeting sales goals.

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