Financial Planning Degree

Financial planning is important to individuals as well as businesses. If you have a knack for numbers and enjoy giving clients financial advice and assistance planning for their financial future, earning an online degree in business finance can help enhance your career.

People working in the field of financial planning translate complicated financial documents, read analysis charts and keep up with the current economy, tax regulations and financial laws. If you have an interest in analyzing portfolios, take your first step toward a career in financial planning by earning an online business degree.

Financial Planning Degrees

The financial planning field requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance, commerce, accounting, business administration or economics to be considered for most positions within an organization. An MBA is beneficial and often preferred, but it is not always required.

Financial Planning Jobs

As the baby boomer generation ages, individuals seek the advice of financial experts to assist them in planning for their retirement and children’s education. In addition, as the population becomes wealthier and more educated, people will require investment advice from the professionals working in financial planning professions.

  • Financial Analyst

    Financial analysts are also known as securities analysts or investment analysts. They research, analyze and assess the economic performance, value and future earnings potential of businesses and industries.

  • Financial Planner

    Financial planners consult with a client to determine income, spending, current investments and goals. They then identify problem areas, help develop a customized financial plan and suggest suitable investment opportunities.

  • Personal Financial Adviser

    Personal financial advisers offer advice to clients on topics such as taxes, investments, insurance and real estate. They help clients improve their financial outlook by analyzing assets, liabilities, financial goals and tax status.

  • Financial Investigator

    The corporate world employs financial investigators to discover the source of various financial problems as well as in areas as diverse as fraud investigation, financial audits, loss prevention and employee investigation.

  • Loan Officer

    Loan officers most frequently work in financial institutions such as banks and lending institutions. Their primary task is to determine whether or not loan applicants are eligible for loans by evaluating their financial backgrounds.

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