Fitness Management

You know that feeling and looking good starts from the inside and you want to help other people discover that truth. Proclaiming the benefits of fitness isn’t enough; you want to make it a career. A degree in fitness management could be just what you need to make that goal come true.

Fitness Management Degree

Coursework in fitness management will take you on a journey through nutrition, physiology, business management and finance. You’ll address topics important to a successful career such as performance enhancement methods, sports psychology theories and training amateur and professional athletes. Not only will you learn about health and fitness, but you can also gain the skills to manage a business though purchasing and finance management classes.

Here is a sneak peak at courses you might take as part of a fitness management degree program:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Health Psychology
  • Business Administration and Development
  • Fitness Management
  • Athletic Training
  • Nutrition

Preparing to Work in Fitness Management

A degree in fitness management can apply to a number of positions in the health industry. Some fitness professionals work as part of a team in a wellness club or fitness facility. Others draw more heavily on business skills, starting their own personal training business or managing a club.

How will you use your fitness management degree to make the world a healthier place? Start your education today in fitness management and discover the many ways you can put your degree to work in a career you love.

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